Prevalencia de hiperlipemia en Asunción y área metropolitana

Año de publicación: 1994

In this study, 1606 individuals were studied in order to establish the prevalence of hyperlipemia in Asunción and metropolitan areas. The prevalence of hyperlipemia was 12.8 percent, and acoording to age the hypercholesterolemia was: 7.4 percent (20 to 49 years), 8.5 percent (50 to 59 years), and 12.9 percent (more than 60 years) for a moderate fisk of acquiringa cardiovascular diseae. For a high risk, percentages were as follows: 6.7 percent (20 to 49 years), 95 percent (50 to 59 years) and 13.3 percent (more than 60 years). Our results and the frequent association of hyperlipemia to risk factors of cardiovascular disease show the necessity of considering hyperlipemia as a public health problem

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