Prevalencia de Streptococcus B hemolíticos en pacientes de alto riesgo para enfermedades de transmisión sexual

Año de publicación: 1994

Two hundred and fourteen prostitutes from Asunción were examined in order to determine the prevalence of cervical infection by Streptococcus B-hemolytic. The range of age was 18 to 28 years, and 21 percent of them showed Streptococcus infection, and only 30 percent of the isolate resulted sensible to penicillin. In 10 percent of the patients any microorganism could be isolate.

Other microorganisms isolate were:

Gardnere vaginalis: 11 percent, trichomonas vaginalis: 1 percent, Neisseria gonorrheae: 4 percent, Candida spp.: 2 percent, Corynebacterium spp.: 18 percent, Staphylococcus aureus: 1 percent and Escherichia coli: 4 percent. In 80 percent of the samples the absence of lactobacillus was n noticed. Most of the patiens (80 percent) do nout use contraceptives

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